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Technician Seal Of Safety: Because Your Safety and Peace of Mind Come First.


What is the Technician Seal of Safety?

Your home is your sanctuary where you should always feel comfortable and protected. Then why would you ever invite someone into your home and around your family who was a former felon or an active drug-user? You may have without even knowing it…

The home services industry is dealing with a mass shortage of service technicians. As a result, many contractors who are eager to capitalize on as much work as possible hire anyone looking for employment, regardless of their background.

Technician Seal of Safety-certified contractors have taken a stand. They only want the best for their clients, because they believe that’s what you deserve. Technician Seal of Safety-certified contractors routinely turn away technicians carrying journeymen and master’s licenses because of failed drug tests or violent criminal histories.

Provide yourself with the peace of mind that matters when you choose a service contractor who carries the prestigious Technician Seal of Safety. The Seal ensures the technicians visiting your home are regularly drug-tested, routinely background checked, and receive consistent professional training which makes them among the very best in the industry.

Technician Seal of Safety currently works with contractors in these specialized fields

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Heating And Cooling

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Roofing Services

When you need help, choose a company bearing the Technician Seal of Safety.

Contractors: Are you ready to take a stand?

Join the group of companies dedicated to protecting the safety and comfort of the homeowners they serve with the Technician Seal of Safety.

NOTE: Contractors bearing the Technician Seal of Safety are independent contractors and are neither agents nor affiliates of Aquila Investment Group. Therefore, Aquila Investment Group is not responsible for the acts, obligations or liabilities of any contractor bearing the Technician Seal of Safety. The Technician Seal of Safety is a trademark of Aquila Investment Group.
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